The Birth of the Company

The Story So Far...

The Company was succesfull in its search for the tower. They lost their wizard in the catacombs under the tower, a magic failure caused the wizard’s body to disitegrate before the eyes of the company. The goblin was overcome with grief. The Company used an alabaster pillar that they found and realized was what the occupants of the tower were looking for, to get themselves admitted to the leader. Selling the pillar to the occupants of the the tower included being around for the endgame that the tower leader was plannng. His used the pillar to trap the spirit prescense of a powerful sorceress who manifested in the ruins answering a single question and never being wrong on the answer.
The Company was allowed to ask a single question of the spirit. The company summoned their benefactor by the device he provided. He asked his question of the spirit and got his answer. the Benefactor then turned to the Company and said two words, “Release her”. The battle that followed was short and fatal for the company’s enemies. The Company then returned to Haven and their headquarters.
The company was hired by the city to explore some ruins that were found while improvements to the city defenses were made. These ruins were unexpected as this area had been excavated several years earlier for foundation work on a tavern being constructed nearby. The Company was “asked” to investigate due to this fact. The company found a small temple to an Ogre god and his followers re-appearing at random. The company cleansed the area of ogres and learned tales of a ancient evil returning to thier world. This information was reported to Zyntos who reported it to Azreath, the companys’ benefactor.
Several weeks passed, new members joined the company and attached to thier respective units. The company accepted a psion, a half-orc, an eladrin and others. The special operations unit recieved some fresh blood and was sent to aid an Eladrin Court in the Feywild.


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